When should you consume healthy food?

If you are conscious about your health, then you need to pay attention to your diet plan. A balanced diet can help you to stay fit and healthy. You should always consume healthy food to have a better lifestyle. There are different types of healthy foods available in this world, which helps you to maintain a balanced body. If you want a healthy living, then you need to have healthy food according to time. Time plays a significant role in consuming various items, as every food has its own benefit and timings to eat.

If you want to stay healthy, then healthy food is the best solution for that. In today’s world, people are busier in workings or earning money they forgot about their health and body fitness. If you are busy and don’t have time to have food on time, then you should keep some fruits and other healthy food with you.

Timings for consuming healthy food


Breakfast is the first meal of your day, which helps you to stay healthy and fit by consuming healthy food.

Consuming healthy food at this time is the best for your body and for the digestive system too.

You should eat within 30 minutes after you woke up as it helps to balance all the problems of the body.

The best time to have your first meal is 7 a.m. because the stomach needs proper energy, and consuming at this time can help your stomach to stay fit.

You should delay your breakfast after 10 a.m. as it harms the digestive system and makes your stomach weak.

Make sure you are taking healthy food in your breakfast, which contains proteins in it.

Breakfast is one of the most important parts of your daily routine because our whole day is based on your first meal.


After breakfast, you need to be ready to consume your lunch on time as it helps to ake a proper digestive system.

The ideal time to have your lunch is near about 1 p.m. because after eating at this hour you get more time to digest it.

Always try to maintain a gap of a maximum of 4 hours between your breakfast and lunch to consume properly with proper digestion.

The perfect time to have lunch is between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., never delaying your lunch later than 4 p.m. as it harms your body a lot.

Having lunch on time can help your stomach to consume fast ad with better benefits.

To maintain a gap, you should have your breakfast at 7 a.m. so that you can able to have your lunch right after 4 hours.

It is the second meal of your day, and if you don’t consume it well with proper healthy food, then you won’t be able to perform well.


Dinner is the last and the final meal of the day that should be taken on the ideal time, and the ideal time to have your dinner is before 7 a.m.

In between your lunch and dinner, you need to maintain a proper gap of 3 hours, which helps you in proper digestion.

You should never delay your dinner later than 10 p.m. because it can cause various problems in your stomach and leads you to have more fat.

If you eat close to your sleep time, then it can cause harm to your sleep and can lead you to bad sleep.

Dinner is a must but should be light as it can cause heaviness if you consume heavy food at night and can lead you to stomach related problems.

It is the last meal of the day, which should always be light and healthy to keep you fit and fine.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these three meals are the most important meal of your life, and to have them on time is the most important task. Consuming healthy food on time is very helpful in living a fit and healthy life with more benefits. There should be a proper gap between these three meals near about 3 to 4 hours.

Conclusion According to the points mentioned above, you can understand the right time to consume healthy food. Healthy food plays an important role in each and everyone’s life to get a safe and secure future. The above three meals are the most important t and beneficial for our daily routine.

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